Google Business Profile SEO - Ultimate Cheat Sheet


If you’re struggling to get your Google Business Profile to rank in Google Maps or the Google Map pack, you’re going to love this.

This SEO cheat sheet will help you focus on the ranking factors that matter the most, so you can finally climb all the way up to the top of Google local search results


google business profile SEO cheat sheet

How does it work?

Download the Google Business profile SEO cheat sheet and start going through each task one by one at your own pace.

Each task is based on a specific ranking factor and includes a brief explanation of  what needs to be done.

Video tutorials describing how to achieve the tasks are also available, just in case you get stuck 😉  

Each factor has been weighted based on its importance and your score will instantly be shown via a progress bar. 

The closer you get to 100% the more likely your listing will rank

Why should you use this Google Business Profile SEO cheat sheet?

Here are some of the main reasons why…

ranking changes

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