Google local results – is your business number 1?

Being number 1 in Google local results can transform your business. Are you the first in class or not?
Find out with this free local rank checker tool.

Video transcript

Is your business number 1 in google in your local area?

You don’t know?

Let’s find out

Welcome to the very first edition of “tools for your trade” where I am showing you how to use some of the best online tools available to help you grow your business.

Wouldn’t you like to know if your business is number 1 in google in your Local area? I would.

Today I am going to show you how to do that using a very simple but effective local search result checker.

As a small business owner you may, or may not know that depending on where someone is located, doing a search in google will bring a different set of results.

A prospective customer located in London Covent garden searching in Google for “cocktail bars” on their mobile phone will be shown a very different set of results than if they were doing the same search in London Chelsea for instance.

Google has become very clever at understanding when people are searching for local services or products and at providing the most relevant results accordingly.

If you are the owner of a cocktail bar I bet you’d want to be number one in google when people are searching for it in your area. And if you’re not, you sure would want to know who is.

Well, it’s very simple so let’s check how we can do that.

Head over to

This tool is free and very easy to use.

Lets’ start with entering a keyword potential customers may search for in the first field. Let’s use the “cocktail bar” example.

Choose what results you want to check this keyword in i.e. in google search engine itself or in google maps.

The second field is the country you are located in, so let’s use UK, which by default displays English as the language.

Then enter the location you are interested in. You can be as specific as possible, down to a post code.
For the sake of the demo let’s choose Covent Garden.

Simply click on “Check search results”

The next page is a quick summary of your request and a list of the 10 google pages you might want to check the results in.

Obviously I am only interested in page 1 so I’ll just click on it.

And bang! You can now see the top three local results someone would see if they were doing this very search on their phone while walking around in Covent Garden.

Great right? Are you cocktail bar owner in Covent Garden?  If you are, can you see your business listed here?

Let’s now do the same search and check the results in google maps this time.

We can see the same top 3 along with another 17 results. Is your business in this one?

Very quick but very powerful. Give this tool a shot to see whether or not your business receives the visitors it should.

Thank you very much for watching this episode brought to you by ranking

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