Business listings check up in 1 minute

How healthy are your business listings? Do a quick check up in less than a minute using this free tool to find out if your business needs attention.

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Business listings check up

Hi everyone and welcome to a new “tools for your trade” session. Today I am going to show you if your business listings are as healthy as they should be using, yet, another free tool.

It should take you just under a minute to check yours and trust me it’s worth it if you want your business to stand out in local search results, so stick around.

Firstly let me define what a by business listing is.

A business listing is an online representation of your business which includes at a minimum the name, address and phone number of your business but can sometime also include other information such as web address, your business opening and closing times, images and various other details.

Creating business listings helps search engines understand what your business is about and helps you gain visibility across the web.

When you create a business listing the accuracy of your name, address and phone number also know as NAP is crucial and must be identical everywhere you submit your details so it doesn’t confuse the search engines.

This would be a little tricky to do manually but luckily our friends at have developed a tool that helps verify your business listing in no time. So let’s check it out.

Head over to

This is pretty self-explanatory but let’s go through it anyway.

Here I am going to use the example of a bridal shop called Caroline Castigliano located in Knightsbridge London SW3 1HX which I randomly picked from the web

Enter the business name where it says “enter your business name” , then the post code where it says euh… post code, and click check my listing

A list of names comes up and all you need to do is to choose the most accurate one which, in this case, is the first one that is listed. Note the little “verified” box in green.
This indicates that this profile has either got a verified Google My business listing or has been verified by Facebook and our friends at MOZ .com can help improve the listings further.
Obviously that would require payment so let’s ignore this right now.

Click on the link, and voila.

So it seems that Caroline Castigliano’s listing profile is only 43% complete. There is clearly room for improvement, but what kind of improvement are we talking about here?

Well that’s when this tool comes in handy because it breaks it down for you. Let’s scroll down a little bit. There are 4 tabs across the page results detailing the health of your business listings.
By default the first tab is a visual representation of the completion of your overall business listings SEO moz deems to be important.

At a glance we can see that some listings are totally missing. Facebook, Foursquare, Bing and Thomson local listings haven’t been created at all whilst central index and the mirror listings are only partially complete. Note that google is also slightly incomplete but only by a tiny margin and there isn’t any Yelp listing either because there isn’t any review for that profile. To understand exactly what is missing you just need to click on the “incomplete tab”.

Here you’ll find exactly what is missing to complete each profile. Hovering on the red dots will tell you what you need to do. So if I want to complete the google profile for instance I need to add 1 more image and 1 more category. And if I want to do it right now I can click on “Update listing” and it will take me to the detailed page in Google my business. How easy is that?

Going back to the “complete” tab you will see that some of the profiles are partially red. This highlights inconsistency around the business information held within those profiles.
To truly understand what is the exact cause of the issue just click on the “Inconsistent tab” this time.
Same principle here, each listing that contains an inconsistent piece of information is highlighted with a red dot. In this instance Caroline Castigliano’s profile in the “Factual directory” seems to display the wrong phone number and the wrong web site address.
Hovering on the red dot brings up a tool tip box that displays what the correct information should be.
Inconsistent business listings can really damage online visibility for small businesses as search engines will struggle to establish their identity and therefore will give them less prominence in search engine results.

The last tab of this tool is the duplicate tab which list all the listings that are duplicated and need to be deleted. In this case Caroline Castigliano’s doesn’t have any.

That’s it. All done, I told you it was quick.
This is probably the quickest win for any small business to implement and yet so many don’t do it right.

It would be very easy for the owner of this bridal shop to improve their profile based on what we have just covered. But what about your business, why don’t you check yours now.

I hope you‘ve enjoyed this session. Thank you very much for watching and to see you soon for another session brought to you by ranking

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