Should I make videos to promote my business?

Have you ever thought about making videos to promote your business? If you want to know the answer just watch this video and then you’ll find out.


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Should I make videos to promote my business?

Should I make videos to promote my business?  is the question Freddy, who runs a tattoo shop in London,  wants answered.

If you are a business owner and you’ve been toying wondering if it’s a good idea to create videos for your business stay tuned, and you’ll find out.

Hi everyone, Luc Durand here, welcome to another Q&A session.

So today we’re going to talk about whether or not it’s a good idea to make videos to promote your business online.

OF COURSE, IT IS!!! When I read this question I just thought “you’re asking me?” have you checked my website Freddy?

I’m not going to say no, am I, since that’s pretty much the only content I have on my site so of course it’s a big yes.

As I am a great believer in videos, instead of telling you whether you should or not create videos I am going to tell you, why and how.

Since numbers don’t lie let me give you a few numbers that should help convince you why making videos to promote your business is a great idea.

In 2014 video content represented 64% of all internet traffic worldwide.  According to a report recently published by CISCO, that number is going to grow to 80% by 2019. People don’t just watch cats and babies anymore they watch a lot more than that.

And if you’re still not convinced here are a few more numbers

  • In the UK one in three people watches at least one video online every week.
  • Video in an email leads up to 300% increase in click through rate
  • Adding a video to a page on your site can increase conversion by 80%

Are you convinced now?

I strongly believe that making videos has become unavoidable for any business, large or small, if they want to be successful online.

Video will shortly become the cornerstone of any viable content marketing strategy.

As far as reach is concerned the power of video is limitless. Your videos don’t have to be published exclusively only on your website.

As a matter of fact, I thoroughly recommend you publish your video content on multiple channels such as facebook, youtube, Vimeo twitter etc…where you can reach a much bigger audience and where they can be shared further.

The right video content can make a massive difference to your business overnight.

The next question that you may ask is, is it really possible for a small business to produce videos.

Definitely. Costs of making videos have plummeted drastically over the years and technology has improved a great deal.

Those two factors combined together make it possible for anyone to make quality videos at an affordable cost and in no time.

A year ago I had no idea how to shoot, edit and publish a video. I bought all the equipment online for a few hundred pounds, watched a few tutorials on YouTube and here I am.

A few lights, a decent microphone and you’re good to go.  I didn’t even need to buy a video camera, I use my Ipad.

The last point I want to cover is how you can use videos for a small business.

I guess it’s a case by case scenario but for you Freddy, the very first thing that comes to mind would be video testimonials.

Happy customers freshly tattooed talking about their experience and being delighted with the work you have done would make great videos .

I bet any of your client being part of those videos will also be likely to share them on their own Facebook or Instagram account or any other social media network they are part of.

That’s awesome marketing which will cost nothing extra.

If you have a team of tattoo artists I guess they all have their own specialties such as traditional tattoos or black work etc..

Each tattoo artist could do a short intro about themselves with examples of their work.

That would allow potential customers to see who they might want to be tattooed by and connect with them even before they’ve walked through your shop.

As a tattoo artist, I guess you probably attend conventions . This is again a great opportunity to shoot a video, do interviews and gain further credibility as a business.

You could do a little fly on the wall type of video such as “a day in the skin of a tattoo artist”. I really like this title by the way.

The sky is the limit, be as creative as you want.

The final word is this: I have seen very few small businesses using videos as part of their content marketing strategy”.

If you do it now it will give you a real competitive advantage so don’t wait too long, start filming now Freddy.

I hope you and anybody else who is watching this have found this answer useful and hope to see you all soon for another Q&A session brought to you by 


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