Should i hire a marketing consultant?

Have you got to the point where you feel you need professional help with your online marketing but are still not convinced? find the answer right here.


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Hi everybody, today I have a question from paul who has just opened his second barber shop in Liverpool.

Should I hire an online marketing consultant to help with my business?

Firstly, congratulation Paul on opening a second shop, you must be chuffed. This is a very timely question for you as clearly you are now entering the world of multiple branches and obviously multiple locations.

Based on your question I am assuming that so far you have taken care of your online marketing strategy yourself or haven’t done any at all but you are now thinking of moving up a gear as your business is growing.

To answer your question I think we need to turn it on its head and think of it this way.

If you don’t hire an online marketing consultant or an agency to help with your business, who will do your online marketing?

I guess like many small business owners it’s going to be down to you to continue doing it. I do not know the extent of your knowledge but since you are not an online marketing consultant yourself I am assuming it is limited.

Unless you have plenty of time and are willing to learn about, keyword strategy, Local link building, content creation , management of multiple Google my business profile etc… and with two shops to run  I would thoroughly recommend recruiting a professional to help you out with your local marketing strategy.

Many small business owners fall into the trap of thinking that building a website and creating a Google my business profile will be enough to be found online. They couldn’t be any more wrong. It sure will help, but it’s no way near enough. It takes time and perseverance to gain visibility.

Let me ask you a question to illustrate my train of thoughts here, If you need a brand new boiler in your house do you

A) Buy the  “how to change a boiler for dummies” and do the work yourself
B) Call a boiler engineer to do the work for you.

Both answers are right but if you end up replacing your own boiler, be prepared to call an engineer at some point, and I don’t even want to think about how much more it is likely to cost you.

Granted, this an extreme example. As a small business owner  it is imperative you understand what local online marketing is all about. That’s why I have created ranking so it gives you a solid understanding of what you need to do and tips you can apply to improve the visibility of your business online.

However, there will come a time where you will need to outsource the work to a specialist in order to be more effective especially as your business grows and you have less time to focus on online marketing.

Maybe that time has come for you Paul and yes,  I would encourage you to look into hiring  an online marketing consultant or even an agency  to help you with your business now you’ve opened your second branch.

I hope this helps paul. If you decide to hire a marketing consultant or an agency make sure you pick the right one as most consultants or agency  will want to make you sign a retainer for a minimum period of 6 to 12 months. And if you do so , I feel confident you will be able to open your third branch very soon.

I certainly wish you the best

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Thank you very much for visiting  and see you very soon.

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