Google My business – 3 powerful features No one talks about

Find out about the latest Google my business features nobody talks about which could be a game changer for your business if you start using them from today.

Video transcript

In the next few minutes, I am going to show you 3 powerful new features Google has recently released which have most likely past you by but could make a massive difference to your online visibility. If you want to know what they are before your competitors find out just stay tuned.  

Feature N#1
Add a “request a quote” button to your listing

If you are service provider such as a handyman, a landscape gardener, or a consultant of anykind, you’re going to love this feature.

You can now add a button directly into your Google Listing so people who come across your profile can request a quote for a service you provide which will be sent directly to your phone in just one click.

For this new feature to be activated you need to do two things.

First, if you haven’t done it already, install the Google my business app on your phone

You can find the links to the app for both IOS and android in the description below.

Once installed, log into the app using the same email address you use for your Google My business listing.

After you’ve accepted the Terms and conditions you will be redirected to a panel where all the information regarding your google listing will be displayed such as the activity on your profile, your business reviews, reporting and so on. I won’t cover them all today as it is not the topic of this video.

The second thing you need to do is to enable the messaging option on the app.

To do this tap on the “customer tab” at the bottom of your screen

By default you should see your customer reviews listed in here.

At the top of the screen tap the “messages” option

On this screen you should see a note for the messaging feature.

Allowing this feature will enable customers viewing your listing to message you directly, respond to questions, share information and quickly connect, for free.

Tap the turn on button. This will automatically turn on the messaging functionality

Now go to google and search for your business. On your profile, you should see a new blue button right under the reviews labelled “request a quote”.

Visitors can submit their request directly to you, using this button. As soon as they do you will receive an instant notification on your google my business app to which you can respond straight away.

If that doesn’t impress your potential clients, I don’t know what will.

Let’s now have a look at our next feature

Feature N#2
Questions and answers auto suggests

A few months ago, Google added the option for users to ask questions to a business directly from their Google my business listing  

Most businesses I have worked with are totally unaware this option exists as part of their listing and consequently ignore it.

This is a true missed opportunity since most of the time the questions being asked are very specific and could lead directly to a new sale or getting a new customer.

Look at this second hand car dealer for example who has 3 unanswered questions, all of which could have led to a potential sale.

But this is not new since FAQs were launched in Google My business a few months ago.

What’s new however is that Google now auto suggests answers automatically to your visitors using a combination of your previously answered questions (if you have taken the time to answer them) your Customer reviews as well as your  Google posts.

Let’s have a look at of my client’s google profile who is an electrician. If I pretend to be a customer? I can see suggested answers from a previous answers, from various customer review as well as from Google posts he has published on his listings over time.

What does it mean for you as a business owner?

Make sure you create regular Google posts with rich content relevant to your business.

(show example with excel electrician)

Collect Google reviews from your customers which will include answers to potential questions future customer may ask (if you want to know how to do this watch my video (include keywords in reviews)

And finally, add the most common questions your customers ask to your Google listing and provide the answer yourself as google allows it.

Moving on to our last new feature

Feature N#3
increase your number of followers with an offer.

Did you know customers can follow your business on Google maps? This feature is even less known than the FAQ feature I’ve just covered but nonetheless not to be ignored.

Just like on a Facebook page, people can follow your business by simply taping a follow button when they find your business on Google maps through their phone.

But why would you want customers to follow you google listing? 

Because your followers, will find out about your latest Google my business posts and promotions in the “for you” section on their Google map app.

This means, the more followers you have, the more likely you can generate business.

Once again, this feature is not new since having the option of following a business on google maps was launched back in October 2018.

What’s new however is the ability to create a “welcome offer” to incentivise new visitors or existing customers to follow your listing?

And here is how it’s done

Open the google my business app on your phone or tablet.

On the bottom menu tap the option “customers”

On the top menu tap the option followers. You should see your number of existing followers in there

Tap the option “create a post”.  In the middle of your screen scroll through and select the option “welcome offer”

Create your welcome offer, including an image, a title, a description T&Cs and every other field.

Once you’re done tap on publish and wait for the confirmation message to show.

The next thing you need to do is to encourage new visitors or your existing customers to follow your Google listing by letting them know that if they follow you, they will get a special offer.

You can do this via an email with your existing customer, add a banner on your website or even publish a google post to let anyone coming across your profile.

Once a new customer decides to follow you, they will receive a notification and this is what they’ll see.

Pretty cool right?

If you want to test this yourself, why don’t you follow my google listing?

That’s it for today, Google is clearly spending more and more time and energy into developing its Google my business tool and consequently I am almost certain they will end up monetizing in the near future Make sure you make the most of these new features while you can and include them as part of your strategy so you can keep an edge on your competitors

I hope you’ve found this useful and until next time, happy marketing

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