Add posts to Google My Business and attract more customers

Find out how you can attract more customers to your business by adding posts to your Google my business profile with this new feature recently launched by Google.

Video Transcript

Add posts to Google my business and attract more customers

In today’s video I am going to show you how to attract more customers and make your business stand out in Google search and Google maps with this latest Google my business feature now available to all verified Google My business users.

If you want to know how to share promotions or daily specials on the fly in seconds and entice more customers to walk through your doors, stay tuned.

I’m Luc Durand, the founder of Ranking, the place where small business owners turn to for better online visibility, more traffic to their website and more customers to their stores.
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Post an offer, promote an event, showcase a product or connect directly with your customers straight from Google my business, for free. Yes, you’ve heard me right.

All of these options and more are now possible with the latest Post option rolled out by Google as part of the Google my business platform, and it’s free.

To use it, you will need to have claimed and verified your google my business listing so if you haven’t claimed it yet I suggest you check my video “how to add your business to google maps” first.
If you have, let’s get started.

Say good bye to the old Google my business listing display and say hello to the new one.

As a business owner, you now have the ability to make a real difference with the way your business is presented in Google search and Google maps with this latest option called posts.
This is an awesome chance for every local business owner to:

  •  Increase the size of their listing, giving them more prominence in Google search results when someone is searching for their brand or name
  • Publish promotional content which can attract more customers or lead and direct them to the right piece of content as opposed to the home page of their site. This should help convert visitors into customers.

All of which at zero cost.

Let’s deep dive into the tool so I can show you exactly how it works.

Head over to google my business and log into your google my business profile.

From there you can create a google post by either clicking on the left-hand side menu called Post and labelled new or simply go through the main dashboard right here.

Let’s c Click on the create post button from the panel. A pop-up window should appear from where you can start writing your very first post.

For the sake of this demo, I am going to create two new posts to show you two different ways of promoting your business.

The first post I am going to create is about a wine tasting event I am trying to sell. I know I don’t sell wine, but this is just so you can see how powerful this can be.

Click on the box with the camera icon and load your chosen picture. Crop the image and click the “upload a post Photo” button.

Once you’ve done that, activate the “make this post an event” slider. It will open a calendar option where you can set the start and end dates for your event. Let’s go ahead.

Add an event title and a short description. Great. Let’s now preview our post. It looks pretty good to me and could be published as it is, however, there’s something missing. There is no call to action for people to find out more about this event.

So Let’s go back and add one. Activate the “add a button” slider. This will reveal 5 different options you can choose from. Learn more, reserve, sign up, buy and get offer. Sadly you can’t create your own but I think these 5 options will cover 99% of all Local business owners’needs.

Let’s choose the learn more option and enter the web address where I want visitors to go to and preview the post again. Here we are There is now a button within my post taking visitors to the right page for them to find out more about my event. Once you are happy with your post you can hit publish.

To check what your google my business listing will now look like in Google, click on your post and at the bottom right of the pop up hit the view button.

As you can see, your event is now added to your profile. It looks great and really makes your business stand out. Viewers can either click directly on the link which will take them to your chosen page or click on the post itself which will open a pop up with the full description of the offer or event you’ve just created. This is absolutely fantastic and a great opportunity to promote your business.

Let’s now create a second post. This time we want to give a 10% discount to all customers who sign up to my newsletter.

Click on the write a new post option. Add an image, write a quick description for your offer. Choose which call to action you want to use. This time I will pick the get offer option. Enter the web address where you want people to go to. Preview and publish. Verify what your listing will look like.

You may need to refresh your screen to see your post appear.

Only two posts are really visible but users have the ability to scroll through all your posts if you decide to publish more than two. There doesn’t seem to be any restriction on the number of posts you can create. I created 12 and I could still go on.

That’s it for today. Time for you to create your very first Google post and let me know how you are getting on. I think this new feature is absolutely brilliant and it would be a shame not to use it. It’s very versatile and most of all it is free. Everything I have shown you today can be done from a mobile phone too which is super practical for business owners on the move.
I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s lesson. Don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel right now and like this video if you find it useful. And if you need help with promoting your business online, why don’t you drop me an email so we can have a quick chat. See you soon.

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