Get more customers using before and after photos

Before and after photos are very powerful. Find out why and how you should use them to get new customers, no matter what type of business you’re in.


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How to use before and after photos to get more customers

You’ve all seen them, they are everywhere. Fat vs. thin, flabby vs. muscular, spotty vs. smooth Why do company use before and after photos so much? Because people love them.

I’m Luc Durand the founder of and in this video, I am going to tell you why you should be using before and after photos, as part of your marketing strategy no matter which industry you’re in and show you a very effective way of displaying them on your website, so keep watching

The reason people love before and after photos is because they can relate to them. They see something or very often someone, they identify with that person in the “before” shot and then they see the results in the “after” shot where they can project themselves.

Add a timeframe as part of the picture, and voila. With just a couple of shots, you’ve told an entire story which is our product will take “you” from flabby to fit in just 12 weeks.

If it has worked for them, surely it will work for me too.

This is by far the simplest, fastest and most efficient sales technique to convince anybody you are able to deliver results as a business.

Although this technique has been used extensively in the fitness and nutrition industry it can be applied to any industry.

Let’s take an example, you want to redo your entire bathroom. You’ve been on specialist bathroom sites where you’ve seen some awesome looking bathrooms and thought, no way I can get this done on my budget.

Then you come across a website that displays examples of the work they have done using before and after photos.  In the first picture you see an old looking bathroom and in the second picture you see  the same bathroom completely redone with a line of text underneath that says “it only cost £1500 to build” which fits within your budget.

Suddenly you picture yourself having a bath or a shower in a luxurious bathroom and guess what, you’re going to call these people.

This method will work for any business. Imagine a tattoo business displaying a before and after photo of a tattoo cover up. A roofing company with a before and after photos of their latest roof replacement…the sky is the limit

You can be very clever with the messaging too. If you were a house cleaning company, for example, you can use the photo of a really dirty living room and then a photo of the same living room all cleaned up and use the following message “it only took us 1 hour”. How is that for a powerful message?

Now at the beginning of this video I told you I was going to show you a very effective way of using the “before and after” photo method which is called the slider effect.

It’s basically the same principle of putting two photos together but instead of being next to each other they are on top of one another.

Although this is not a new technic I feel it is a great way of displaying the impact of a before and after photo. Let me show you.

Let’s use the bathroom redesign, for example, I was talking about earlier. There you go. Isn’t that marvellous? What I find most appealing with this is that it really highlights the differences between before and after.

What’s also great is that users will be able to interact with it and the message gets display as you slide across making it even more impactful.

It literally takes minutes to implement if you’re website is built using WordPress, you just need to download a plugin. If not it’s just a little bit of additional coding   you can either implement yourself or ask your web developer to do it for you.

The last couple of things, if you decide to do this and take photos yourself make sure you take them in the exact same spot and under the same circumstances otherwise it will not look very good. Finally do not use before and after photos to make false claims about your business otherwise, the Advertising Standards Authority will be knocking on your door.

If you think this video is useful or have any question please leave a comment or alternatively subscribe to my YouTube channel.

And if you want to see a few examples of before and after photos sliders in different industries, I have put some together right below here so scroll all the way down.

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Here are a few examples of before and after photos in different industries

Interior design and building work

Makeup artist

make up artist before

Cosmetic dentistry

cosmetic dentistry


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