Dominate local rankings in search engines with the right signals.

If you want to dominate local rankings results in search engines there are 3 major signals you must consider. Find out what they are and start applying them today.


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How to dominate local Rankings in search engines by sending the right signals.

Listen up, I’m Luc DURAND the founder of ranking  and If you are a small business owner, today I am going to reveal to you what you need to focus on to send the right signals to search engines and dominate local ranking results.
So you run a business, you’ve built a great site and you keep searching in google for specific keywords you think your business should show up for and…nothing happens.
All you can see in local ranking results is a list of your competitors, you are invisible. You’ve been told you need to concentrate on your NAP, your GMB, your offsite strategy and many other things and your head is spinning.
Wait a minute Luc what are you talking about exactly this is gobbledygook?
I know I know, Just keep watching the video…

There’s a lot of confusion amongst small business owners around how a business gets to be listed at the top of Google over another.
It’s actually very simple. If you want your business to rank at the top of local search results in google you need to send the right signals to it. But what are they and which ones should you focus on?
Before I answer that question let me clarify 1 major point.

The way local search results are displayed in google is based on the location of the searcher.
Let’s say I’m sitting in front of my computer at home and I’m hungry. I want to order a pizza to be delivered. If I type “pizza delivery” Google understand there is a local intent in my search and will list the nearest Pizza delivery services to me in its snack pack results.
If I search for pizza delivery on my phone 2 or 3 miles down the road the pizza delivery services listed will be different because I have changed location.
Google will always try to return the most relevant result and in this case the nearest one to you.
Depending on what industry you’re in and how competitive it is, the difficulty of achieving top spot in the snack pack can vary greatly.
Phew. I’m glad we’ve cleared this one out.

Now, let’s get back to the Signals you need to send google to dominate local rankings.
As part of its algorithm google takes into account many signals. They all matter but at various degrees.
Thankfully, this year a company based in California called “Local seo” has conducted an analysis over 30000 businesses to determine what the most important signals were.
I am going to share the winning 3 signals with you today so you can get to work as soon as you’ve finished watching this video.

At number 3
GMB, better known as google my business.
Google My Business plays a big part in local visibility. Take the time to fill in all the information required for your business. Make sure you include as many images as possible and that your profile is genuine. If you haven’t got any google reviews yet start collecting them as they will display in the snack pack result. They make a big difference.

At number 2
Website content. Don’t be satisfied with a few pages describing your business, the services you offer and how to get there. Give a reason for people to come back to your site and more specifically google. Google loves content. The more content you have available the more opportunities you will get to be found. Make sure you use relevant keywords in your copy.

And finally at number 1
Links. Get some links pointing to your site and you will see your ranks shoot through the roof. Make sure the links you acquire are of good quality, relevant to your business and as local as possible.
Focus on these three signals and you should see a significant difference in your online visibility.
One final signal to consider is business citations. Citations are mention of your business in directories such as Yellow pages, Thomson local, Yelp… which include the Name address and phone number of your business hence the acronym NAP. Contrary to general belief it is unnecessary to spend a huge amount of time trying to get as many citations as possible. Simply focus on the main directories and ensure the NAP you have supplied are consistent and accurate and you’ll be just fine.
Instead focus your energy on Links, content and Google my business and that’s how you will dominate local rankings in Google.

Get cracking with it now and best of luck to you all

I hope you enjoyed this video. Don’t forget to share it and post a comment if you want to so I can continue helping you out with more online marketing tips at ranking academy


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