Local SEO – How to hit the N#1 spot in GOOGLE MAPS with one scary hack (2019)

Find out where your business  ranks in the Google map pack and how to get rid of unfair competitors who spam Google Local search results with one  hack.

Video Transcript

Local SEO – How to hit the N#1 spot in GOOGLE MAPS with one scary hack (2019)

As a local business owner, you surely understand the importance of your business being listed in what is known as the Google 3-pack.

Showing up in that tiny box as a local business has become so important to drive traffic to your website that many of your competitors will use dirty tactics to rank either above you or even worse, instead of you.

In this video I am going to show you not only how to check where your business ranks in the Google 3 pack for the keywords you are targeting, but also, how to take out dirty competitors with one scary hack so it gives you the chance to feature in the map pack and even hit the top spot so you can drive more traffic to your site, get more customers and make more money.

An easy way to check if your business is showing in the map pack for your location is to do a search in Google for a keyword you are targeting and add your location to it. Let’s imagine you are an emergency electrician and you are working in the London area and one of the keywords you are targeting is “24 hour emergency electrician” so all you need to do is add London. As you can see it’s already suggested to me so I am just going to select it. And here is the result that you get

According to google, those 3-businesses listed in the map pack are the most relevant results for that keyword.

The very first listing looks highly suspicious has it includes a lot information within its own name such as, 24-hour, emergency, London, 365 and I am very doubtful this is the actual name of the business.

To verify the true name of the business just go on their website. So let’s click on their website link which will take me straight to their business site.
You can see it’s not actually 24-hour Emergency Electrician London 365 but, Emergency Electrician London 365. They have spammed their business name with the extra keyword “24 hour” in their Google my business profile, so they can rank for that query.


Here is another example but this time for a dentist

If I search for “24-hour emergency dentist London” here is the list of relevant businesses according to Google. Once again, the one that occupies the top spot looks very suspicious. “24 hour dental emergency line Kings Cross dental” doesn’t sound like a genuine business name.  If I check their website you can see straight away that these guys are spamming the Google map pack big time since their actual name is Kings Cross dental. There is no mention of “24 hour”” emergency”, “dental line”, nothing like that within their business name.

This dirty tactic is totally against Google my business’s guidelines. It clearly specifies within the guidelines that whenever you enter your business name for you listing it should be named exactly as it appears in the real world across signage, stationery and other branding.

These people are spamming the google map pack and taking away your chance of ranking in there legitimately.

So what can you do if one of your competitors is spamming Google results in exactly the same way preventing your from showing up in the map pack?

Well it’s a lot simpler that you may think. There is an awesome hack you can use to fight back against those spammers

Let’s go back to our “24 hour dental emergency” example and click on their listing. Once the listing is showing up you can see there is a link right under the phone number that says “suggest an edit link”

Just click on it and then you will see a pop up which allows you to change the name of the business.

Simply click on the change name or other details, and there you have it. You have access to their Google my business listing where you are able to make an amendment.

So these guys are actually called “Kings Cross dental”. Let’s call them what they are supposed to be called and remove everything before that.

Once you’ve finished updating the name simply click on send.

There you go. Google will thank you for your feedback and will also tell you that it will not directly influence the ranking of any single page. However you can trust me, it will influence the result in the Google map pack.

I’m just going to click on the done button, and before I refresh my screen with the new result, I want you to take a look on the left hand side column where all the listings are and where this 24 hour dental emergency line is located. It’s in the number 1 organic position, right below the ads.

Now I am going to refresh my page to see the results, and bang. Not only the business name has already been updated but the position has shifted from 1 to 2 already.

And after only a few hours, if I go back in google and search for “24 hour emergency dentist in London”, you can see this business is no longer featured in the Google map pack. In order to see where that business is, I’m going to have to go and click on the more places link at the bottom of the map pack and I am going to see that business is listed in position number 5.

And if you are one of the businesses who has been listed instead of this spammer then you will be happy.

If you are not convinced this hack works, think again. I invite you to read an article put together by Joe Youngblood who actually tested multiple businesses who had spammed their business name in order to rank higher in Google. And he found that by doing this, these businesses were able to improve their ranking position by almost 10 spots. But by removing the spammy keywords like I’ve just shown you, he also found that 99% of them dropped in ranking drastically. Go and see the article and see the results for yourself.

So, you now know how to eliminate spammy competitors which is great, however, this process can be tedious as most of the time you are not quite sure how well your business ranks in your own location for a given keyword and how far your business visibility stretches on google map beyond your business post code.

Enters Local falcon. Local Falcon is a tool I have recently discovered which is going to do exactly that and simplify this process. There is a free version for you to try out and I thoroughly recommend you open an account.

I’ve already created a free account, so I can show you exactly how this works. For the sake of this demonstration I am going to use one of my client’s listing so you can see exactly how beneficial this can be for you too.  From the menu, go to the map scan option, then enter your business name, the keyword you want your business to show up for, the grid size and the radius, then click search. Within a few seconds you can see  pins dropping on the map showing me exactly what position my client ranks for in Google maps for my keyword in that particular location. As you can see, he is number 1 on the entire grid for “emergency electrician”.

Let’s try another keyword but this time look at “24 hrs emergency electrician”. As you can see the results are widely different. He only has one number 1 position which means he will not be listed in the map pack most of the time for that keyword.

So what can I do about this, First I can stop focusing on optimising his website for the keyword “emergency electrician” as he ranks very well already and instead I can concentrate my efforts on optimising for the term “24 hrs emergency electrician”

The 2nd    thing I can do is look at who he is competing against by simply clicking on one of the pins on the map. But not any pins, I am going to choose pins that are displaying a rank that falls just outside the map pack, which means, outside the top 3. I have noticed a couple of pins at number 6 which means It might not take too much hard work to climb a few places if there are some of those spammers in there. So, let’s click on this one. Local Falcon will open a pop up where you can see straight away which businesses are listed above yours. And once again some of these business names look highly suspicious.

To see if they are spammers, I just need follow the same process I described at the beginning of this video. You can click on a listing straight from Local falcon which will open the business in a new tab.

So let’s verify the first one and check his website.  So this guy is called London Electrician 24/7 limited. I just need to look at his website which says London electrician LTD to see he is pretty genuine and legitimate. I am not even going to open his website. Let’s have a look at the second one, “24 hour Emergency electrician”. This one looks a little bit more suspicious. So if I look at his website it actually says PSC electrical.com and that is not his name that is listed on Google my business.  So let’s update his details in Google. Let’s now try the third one. Yet again another spammer. Let’s update his details too.

As you can see this process is super quick and you can get results very quickly.  You can run multiple keywords, multiple locations and you should see improvement pretty quickly.

I just wanted to add I am not affiliated to Local Falcon in any way, shape or form, they don’t even know who I am. I genuinely think this is a great tool for any local business owner to become more visible in Google.

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