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Adding your business to Google map is extremely simple yet many business don’t do it properly. Follow this 2 step video tutorial and learn how to do this correctly.


Video transcript

Can you remember the last time you’ve used one of these? I can’t, because today, like most of you, I use this, the maps on my mobile phone.

It’s faster, more efficient and most of all I can find pretty much anything around me within a couple of clicks

With over a billion downloads , Google maps has become one of the most popular apps ever.

Showing up on Google maps can bring a lot of customers to your business as long as you appear on them.

If your business is no listed, today is your lucky day because I am going to show you how to add your business to Google maps.

Hi everyone and welcome to another free digital marketing lesson brought to you by
My name is Luc Durand  and by the end of this episode you will know how to add your business to Google maps in 2  simple steps.

So let’s get started

Step 1 – Create a Google account

To do this head over to: 

Although you may already have a personal Google account I would still recommend creating a new one specifically for your business. It’s best to keep business and personal matters separate. I will turn myself into a divorce solicitor today and I am going to create the following Gmail address:

Fill in the form and choose your preferred email address. Something in relation to your business might be a good idea.

Fill in the rest of the details and go to the next step. Verify the account using your preferred method. You are now good to go.

Now we have created a Google account let’s move on to step 2

Step 2 – Set up a page on google my business

Setting up a page on Google my business will help display information about your business not only on Google Maps but also in Google local pack results  as well as local organic results.

It’s a great way to display consistent information across the three areas and it’s easily manageable.

Armed with our newly created Gmail account we can now set up a Google my business page by going to 

We are now on the home page of Google my business. The next thing we need to do is to log in using our freshly created Gmail account. Just click on the start now button.

Enter your Gmail account address, your password and sign in. If your business has been opened for some time it may already be on Google maps. To check if this is the case just enter the name of your business in the search box located on the top left of the screen. It is also possible to search using a postcode or a full address.

In our case I will search for the name of my fictitious business “Durand solicitors”. Since there isn’t any results matching my business, Google offers me the option to add it to Google maps. And that’s exactly what I am going to do by clicking on the link “Add your business

From here I am going to enter my business details. Starting with:

My business name:  
The name should reflect your business in the real world as found on your website, business cards, shop front

Country region:
This should default to the UK so leave it as it is or change to the desired country

The address
you must use a physical address. No Po boxes or mailboxes will be accepted.

Post town
Is the town your business is located in. Here we’ll say it’s London.

If you are unsure about which county your business is located go to Type your post code in the search box and this tool will give you the answer. In this instance we are in greater London

Post code
Enter the postcode of your business

Main business phone
Enter your main business phone number

Identifying the correct category for your local listing is extremely important and can be a bit of a mine field.

Your choice of category will send a very strong signal to Google as to what your business is about.

A lot of businesses do not choose the appropriate category and this will be detrimental to their online visibility.

Since I am a solicitor I am going to type solicitor in the category field. As you can see nothing comes up.

Using Google category suggestion can be a bit clunky and misleading. However help is at hand.

Open a new browser window and head over to This tool lists all categories available in google and will help you choose the correct one for your business.

Typing solicitor here still returns a blank. This means it doesn’t exist in Google categories. My next bet is lawyer. The tool returns 11 results including one for divorce lawyer. Although I am a lawyer, in this example, the most appropriate category will be divorce lawyer as it is what I specialise in.

The number of categories to choose from can be overwhelming. This is when this tool becomes powerful as it will bring up synonyms based on your query. When I type cleaning in the search box not only it will return all the results that match the query but also other alternatives such as chimney sweep or dry cleaner.

Now I have established that the correct category for my business is divorce solicitor. I just need to go back to the Google form and enter it.

Lastly, There is a box at the bottom of the form asking if we deliver goods and services to customer’s location. Since we don’t we’ll leave it Blank.

You can now click on the continue button.

We now have to confirm we are authorised to manage the account. Tick the box and click continue.

Since we have entered all the relevant details for  our business all that remains for us to do is validate our business listing using a postcard Google will send us

Hover on the “Mail me my code” box and click. You can add a contact name if you wish to before clicking the send postcard button.

Click on the send postcard button. The next screen will display a message from Google saying you need to verify your business using a code which they will send you.

In a few days you should receive a postcard from Google  which will direct you to  From there, log in to your google account and enter your verification code. This will just let google know you are able to receive mail and validate that your business is legitimate.

And that’s it! Once this is done your business will be available in google maps.

By doing this you have also created a Google plus account which can be very useful for your brand later on.

And whilst you are waiting for the postcard to turn up I would strongly advice to complete your Google My business profile with relevant information such as opening hours, images etc..

This is covered in my video called how to optimise Google my business page.

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See you soon.


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